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Fact or Fiction?
Solar Power is too expensive and is only for celebrities and tree huggers.

The realty is 95% of people we meet with are interested in financial benefits.  With all the utility company rebates and the new 30% tax credit, solar power is now in reach and makes sense.

There are four major motivations that drive people to solar power.  People can possess just one, or all of the following reasons.
1>        Geek factor
2>        Environmental
3>        Status symbol
4>        Financial

In the late 1800's, scientists were amazed that they could convert sunlight into electricity.  Even though the process was at its infancy stages, scientists have been developing this technology for the past 150 years and have spent billions of dollars in research and development.

Today, the geek factor is strong as ever.  A truly clean renewable energy source was the cornerstone of the recent presidential election.  Essentially having your own power generation plant at your house.  Your electric meter spinning backwards will be the envy of every Prius hybrid car owner on the block.

Not long ago, before there were rebates, tax credits, and lower priced high efficiency solar panels, solar power was limited to educational facilities, science experiments, and hard core wealthy environmentalists.  These forerunners in the green movement were thought to be a very eclectic bunch. 

How "green" is solar power anyway?  A picture is worth a thousand words.  In this case, 100 words describing the picture is worth a thousand words. 

One average 5kW house with solar power equals the following net effect on the environment. 
-        Planting over 3 acres of trees, or
-        Eliminate using 25 gallons of gas per week, or
-        Eliminate driving 24,000 miles per year. ( Toyota Camry or Honda Accord, even more miles for SUV )

Solar power is now a great investment along with being great for the environment.  Now you can satisfy your heart by using clean energy, and satisfy your brain by making a great investment choice. 

Investing in solar power will:
-        pay itself off in a shorter amount of time, then give you decades of pay back.
-        give you post tax savings which equates to a higher pretax salary.
-        provide an option to give you immediate return on investment and positive cash flow from day 1.
-        increase the value of your house.  For every dollar you save in energy bills annually, you add twenty dollars to the value of your house.
-        let you take advantage of record high rebates and the new 30% tax credit.
-        protect yourself from the already announced electricity rate hikes affecting utilities such as SCE and DWP.
-        give you freedom from foreign energy dependency.
-        give you independence from utility companies by generating your own electricity.
-        give you a better financial return than many other investments like 401K, stock portfolios, and CD's. 

Let's face it, everyone wants to keep up with the Joneses.  Solar power adopters are known to be affluent, educated, environmentally caring, forward thinkers, and ahead of the pack.  That beats the bright red sports car you just lost 25% on driving it home.  You will also become the envy of the block.  Just watch how many of your neighbors will give you the thumbs up and come ask you all about solar power.

Have your cake and eat it too.  Financially rewarding and it's great for the environment too.  This is one of those rare opportunities in life where the advantages are so much greater than any disadvantages.

Give us a call and let's talk about it.  Bring your accountant, they'll be happy too.